• The Three Tier System

    Kansas' Current Beer Distribution Model
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Created for Support & Advancement

The Kansas Beer Wholesalers Association (KBWA) is a nonprofit organization created to support and advance the beer wholesale industry throughout the state of Kansas. The KBWA works diligently to promote and protect the interests of the Kansas beer wholesaler while also working to educate the public on the importance of consuming alcohol in moderation and preventing underage drinking.



$75.5 Million

Wages & Salaries

$1.4 Million

Economic Impacts in Communities**

Support of Charities, Local Events & Economic Development

$23.2 Million

Capital Expenditure Impact**

Structure, Vehicles and Other Equipment

$62.5 Million

Federal, State & Local Taxes*

$481.6 Million

Total Economic Impact*

The Three Tier Beer Distribution System

The Current Beer Distribution Model in Kansas

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